Our History

The History of Alpha Omega:

Alpha Omega is the oldest international dental organization.  It was founded in 1907 in Baltimore, MD by a group of dental students originally in order to fight discrimination in the dental schools.  Today, our international headquarters is in Rockville, MD, and Alpha Omega is primarily an educational and philanthropic organization that is strong and vital with members throughout the world.  Alumni chapters can be found in the United States, Canada, England, Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and Israel.  Wherever you travel throughout the world, you will always be welcome.

The mission of Alpha Omega is reaching out to the needs of dental health, education, research and care throughout the world.  This is encompassed by the global oral health initiative known as GOHI.  Alpha Omega is about what we represent in our dental schools, in our community and throughout the world.

Southern California Alpha Omega has five active chapters which are involved locally, nationally, and internationally.  Los Angeles has three alumni chapters that are based in Los Angeles near Beverly Hills, the San Fernando Valley, and Orange County.  The Los Angeles alumni chapter was founded in 1937, and the San Fernando Valley chapter was chartered in 1957.  This region also has two extremely active student chapters -- one at UCLA and one at the Ostrow School of Dental Medicine at USC.

In 1952 Alpha Omega founded the Hadassah School of Dental Medicine at Hebrew University.  We continuously support the school and contribute annually to the Alpha Omega Research Center.  The alumni chapters in Southern California have been extremely supportive of the Hadassah School of Dental Medicine.

Alpha Omega has sponsored and founded the Maurice and Gabriella Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine at Tel Aviv University.  Southern California Alpha Omega raised funds to sponsor the entrance of the dental school, and in 2012-2013 we again raised significant funds to create a pillar for one of our fraters at the entrance of the school.  The funds were also utilized to build a new clinic treating pediatrics and special needs patients.

Locally, Alpha Omega purchased an ambulance through Magen David Adom for the State of Israel and participated in the Smiles Against Terror program where individuals who have had more than 60% disability from the war in Israel are provided dental care.  We have also created a program where we fund dental care to Holocaust survivors in Israel.

Students are a top priority of the Alpha Omega fraternity. Many of the finest instructors in our dental schools are Alpha Omegans, and Alpha Omegans are leaders within the dental society and dental organizations.  Alpha Omega has established a world-renowned  dental externship program, and our students have the opportunity of observing some of the finest practices in North America, Canada, England, France and Israel.  Our students are welcomed into our alumni chapters as equals and offered the same opportunities as our present alumni.

Alpha Omega, in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley chapters, maintain some of the finest continuing education programs throughout the country.  Most importantly, Alpha Omega is an organization where we have established lifelong friendships.